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Turn Your Social Media Marketing Agency Into A Money Machine

What MAKES A SUCCESSFUL SMMA money machine?

SMMA Money Outreach

SMMA Money Sales

SMMA Money Mindset

SMMA Money Results

Achieve your SMMA money machine in 4 steps

Running a Social Media Marketing Agency can be hard if you don’t follow these 4 crucial steps


Make a complete assessment
of your agency


Define and target
your goals


Josh will develop an action plan customized to you


You will implement Josh’s teachings and get clients

Meet Josh

Josh is a millennial dropout. He had a rough upbringing being raised by a single mother in a middle-class household; no one would have expected him to have turned out to be a  SMMA, marketing, sales & personal branding expert as well as a social media influencer, content creator, and entertainer but this is his passion.  Josh has built multiple 6 figure businesses since the age of 16 and has trained other young aspiring entrepreneurs to be able to do the same.  One of Josh’s businesses did over 1 Million dollars in sales at the age of 18 and now he speaks at across North America in regards to Digital Marketing Trends, Social Media, and Personal Development as well as Diet/Fitness, Healthy Relationships and Business/Lifestyle Development.  Josh is located in the heart of downtown Toronto where he operates his digital marketing firm Utopian Marketing helping small-large businesses, influencers, musicians and entertainers with marketing, branding, positioning and anything business/mindset.  Josh has over 5+ years of experience working sales and and consulting big brands and has been the driving force behind some of their most successful campaigns.  Josh has an online education business that provides informational products to people interested in “leveling-up” and escaping the 9-5 rat-race by generating sustainable 6-7 figure incomes from their laptop.  Josh would die for his purpose, his mind is set to change the world by delivering the most raw, authentic, valuable & entertaining content on the face of this earth in order to help out as many people possible.  Josh plans on building schools in third world countries and reforming the education system into a better one where students enjoy learning and learn applicable life principles and skills.  Even though he is a dropout he values knowledge and is big into self education and lifelong learning consuming everything from books, audio books, courses, etc.  Josh is a huge proponent of investing in himself and has literally invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into becoming the best possible version of himself and will continue to do so until he dies.

Josh Pocock

6 Pillars Of Josh's Teachings

Josh mainly focuses on SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) training because of the high demand his audience has had for starting and scaling their own digital marketing firms to 6-7 figures and because of the massive success he has seen in his students.  But he also is an expert in many other fields that have contributed to the overall lifestyle he lives and therefore contribute to the success of his agency.   Real success in life is all about BALANCE… This is stuff no other marketing course or ‘guru’ will talk about but the more well rounded you are in life, the more of an edge you will have over your competitors, the more relatable you will be and able to connect with all  different types of people! Josh believes in 6 main pillars that he has honed his life around to achieve massive success on all levels for himself and his students in: HEALTH. WEALTH, LOVE HAPPINESS, BRAND, LIFESTYLE


Health, Fitness, Diet

Daily exercise and a healthy diet will help you succeed in every area in life and will give you clarity of mind.


Self help, Mindset, Spirituality, Habits

This is the resilient inner game of a successful, balanced entrepreneur. This is how to manifest your wildest dreams.

Digital Marketing, Business, Sales

Social media/online marketing, SEO, Facebook Ads, sales and any other businesses to make money online in 2019


Personal Brand, Social Media, Leadership

Your personal brand is your resume. Learn to position yourself as an authority in your industry and monetize effectively.


Confidence, Dating, Relationships

Dating and relationships is an area alot of entrepreneurs lack in or neglect but it is very important.


Lifestyle, Networking, Leveraging

How to structure a lifestyle that you are always at the center of and leverage other people to do all the work for you.

STUDENT Testimonial

"Josh and I have been friends for a while and has helped me tremendously in getting started in online marketing and building my own successful SMMA. Without Josh's 'SMMA Money Machine Method' and his 'Money Outreach' strategies I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today, he's literally turned my marketing agency into a machine that prints money without me having to lift a finger! I would highly recommend his SMMA coaching, products and services if you are serious about getting new qualified leads daily on auto pilot and learning the sales skills to closing high ticket clients like it's nothing."
Stephen Gomes
Stephen Gomes
CEO - RealtorMediaLeads


SMMA Money Machine

The only course you will ever need to start and grow a 6-7 figure digital marketing agency or coaching brand in 2019

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